Xavian & Hathor a tale of two lions: (title wip)


An arena fantasy game with rail grinding, and is stylized with the afrofuturism artstyle

Gameplay Mechanics:

Level Up System:

In this world, Lions have a unique ability called - Adaptability. With adaptability, you gain experience by using your health and abilities. Your abilities and health will level up the more you use them to defeat your enemies.

Power System:

Xavian has the ability to control the elements of weather, fire, water, lightning, and air. As the player uses each of the elements they will improve their adaptability and unlock a stronger version.

Hathor uses a mix of hand-to-hand and fire element combat. When she’s charged up, she will unleash into her Sekhmet form. In this form, all her moves are 50% more powerful and she’s able to run faster however, this mode only lasts for 30 seconds. The higher her health level is the longer this mode will last.

Death / Losing:

If the user is unable to complete the mission, the mission will be restarted. The player will keep the experience they have gained even if they did not complete the mission. If the player dies they will respawn back to the edge of the arena.

Rail Grinding System:

Plantlife is very abundant and certain plants have adapted that create extremely large vines. The player is able to jump on vines and grind on certain tree vines and metallic rails as a mode of transportation.

Aiming System:

The Aim System will allow the user to lock-on enemies to better help them attack the enemies with more precision. There may be a UI icon that will help target the enemy.

User Interface:

The UI will be stylized Sci-Fi fashion.


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